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Here are some links that we use to help us predict the weather in Galveston and predict the surf conditions in Galveston.

Real Time Conditions:

Real Time Wind Speeds – Real-time wind speeds in the Galveston Bay area.

Real Time Water Temperatures– Real-time water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, including Galveston.

Wave Height Predictions:

Animated wave forecast – Scripts Institute animation of NOAA wave height predictions. This may take a while to download, but is a good indicator of the future swell heights for North America including the Gulf Coast.

Gulf Buoy Data:

NOAA Buoy Data – The latest data from buoys in the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas Automated Buoy System – Another look at Gulf buoy data.

Weather conditions in the South East Texas/Galveston Bay area:

South East Texas NOAA weather – NOAA weather and marine forecasts for southeast Texas coastal zones.

Gulf Satellite – Satellite View of the Gulf of Mexico.

National Weather:

Intellicast Weather
The Weather Channel
National Weather Service

Tropical Weather Activity:

NOAA National Hurricane Center
 – NOAA site on tropical activity.

Tropics Satellite Image – Satellite Image of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Tracking – Graphical Tropical Storm Tracking from the Scripps Institute. Includes tracking for various parts of the world.

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